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*Website is Changing!*

Now that election day has come and gone, I have begun updating this website to reflect my new focus as a parental advocate for public education. Please check back soon for regular updates, or to follow me on twitter or Facebook click here.

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Public Education is Primed for Positive Change

Ontario’s education system has seen a lot of change since I was a student, back when A’s were A’s and D’s were D’s, and when bullying went all but unnoticed before our teachers’ very eyes. Change, good or bad, can be tough for many of us to accept. It's different from what we know, what we’re comfortable with and what we live everyday. 

Public education in its many forms has been around for a long time — no argument there — but remember that you have the right to push for continued improvement.  It's time to get to know your education system again and to know the future that your tax dollars are building in the minds of our youth.

Start asking questions, voicing your opinions and ideas, and get to know the people who you as taxpayers have chosen to effect change on your behalf.....your School Board Trustees.

What Should You Expect From Your Trustee?

When it comes to local public education, Trustees are at the centre of it all. They make up the governing body of your local school board, and each of them represents a geographical area within our city designated as Areas 1 to 6 as well as First Nations Areas.

Your elected Trustee has makes a commitment to represent your best interest in all things education. Trustees should:

  • Be the first point of contact for parents and the community with questions or concerns about local schools.
  • Identify the needs and priorities of our community and ensure they are well considered by the Board when making vital decisions.
  • Advocate for public education in Sudbury and promote the importance of public education.
  • Foster an environment of collaboration, encouraging constructive partnerships and initiatives.
  • Support and improve an education system that is universally accessible for all students.
  • Encourage opportunities for innovation and improvement, working towards positive change.
  • Engage parents and schools, working together to ensure student achievement.

Advocating for improvements to public education and speaking up for parents, students and schools.